For Adult Children

Julie’s Desk delivers an invaluable service to adult children who worry about their elderly parents.  Julie’s Desk organizes the senior’s personal affairs and implements a customized solution to address the entire range of their personal administrative matters.

Work-Life-Family Balance

Adult children who care for their parents typically have to juggle the responsibilities of under age children and the demands of a busy job as well. Often times they live in a different city from the aging parent. If you are one of these adult children, and your schedule or location prevents you from taking care of your parent’s paperwork, Julie’s Desk can lift that burden. We understand your concerns and your parent’s unique needs.

Quality Time

The demands of caregiving are wide and varied. Making sure your parent is safe, well cared for and happy are paramount. When prioritizing the care, physical and emotional needs are always on top. If and when you find the time to sit down to look at the paperwork, it can be a stressful task! Have you ever tried to balance the checkbook, sort through mail or decipher insurance statements while sitting across the table from your folks? You are trying to concentrate while your parent is trying to “visit” with you. And while you may get the immediate task completed, splitting your attention means you are missing out on just “being with your Mom or Dad.” And more paperwork will be waiting for your next visit. Julie’s Desk serves as an objective third party to take care of the paperwork, giving you back some time to JUST enjoy being their child.

Protection from fraud, abuse and waste

Mental impairment (such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease) and social isolation can leave an older person vulnerable to exploitation or being taken advantage of. Behaviors such as buying or expanding services they don’t really need and donating to charities they can no longer afford to support are warning signs. Julie’s Desk provides that extra set of eyes to be watchful of questionable activity.